Women Driving the Car-Sale Market?

When it comes to who buys more cars, men or women, the answer is: both.

Sure, men are known more for being gear-heads, addicted to horsepower and muscle cars, but women have done their fair share of driving and buying as well.

No vehicle ever designed for just one gender or the other succeeded more than vehicles designed for both genders equally. Women car buyers have been known to exert a force every bit equal to the mower of their male buying counterparts. They might look at different aspects of the same vehicle but they are nonetheless committed to quality as well.

Women are also safety conscious. They want vehicles that get good mileage, have power and performance and are safe to drive, for themselves and for their families. Women prefer amenities which protect rather than project a sense of self. They don’t mind having powerful vehicles because it makes them feel better equipped for highway driving or driving in poor weather or hazardous conditions.

According to a 2007 J.D. Power and Associates study women looked for much the same things in a car that men look for. And a decent price as well.
Women want vehicles that are reliable and dependable. They don’t want a vehicle which cannot be relied upon to get them and their families or friends to their destination safely. They don’t want a vehicle that is likely to break down of leave them stranded. Much as most male drivers want a vehicle that is quality built, so do women buyers.

Women buyers also want vehicles which are comfortable on the inside. They don’t to feel dwarfed by the interior or befuddled by too many things in too many places. They also appreciate exterior styling. The vehicle they buy needs to look good on the inside and the outside and perform as expected at all times.

Women, like men, want their vehicle to scream quality workmanship. If the vehicle is prone to breaking down or is not designed well, that is a sign there is something inherently wrong with the automobile and they do not want it.

Women drivers will choose quality over everything else, every time.

Women drivers also expect their vehicle, whether it is a mini van, sedan or SUV to get good mileage. As savvy consumers who drive frequently women understand that fuel costs add up over time. They want to know they are getting a good deal on a vehicle that will not end up costing them more in the long run.

When it comes to buying a new car women are every bit equal to men, and then some!

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