Top financing deals for November

Most car manufacturers are giving out their top financing deals in selected months of the year. This is because they usually want to clear out their lots with older stocks and to accommodate the latest vehicles that they have produced. A good example of a month where top financing deals are offered is the November and for2010 the top deals for the same month includes the following:

1. Chevrolet

The financing deal for the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado as of November 2010 is considered as the most impressive of all the deals offered. Chevrolet offers 0% financing for a period of six years. Given this, its competitors are having a hard time in coping up with the deal offered by Chevrolet.  This is because the price of the 2010 Silverado is lower than the price of the Toyota Tundra or the Ford F150 and is only a few hundred dollars higher that the Dodge Ram’s price. This November deal would probably increase the sales of Silverado and its competitors are currently unable to catch up.

In addition to this, the Silverado has been subjected to additional make-over which made it more competitive. It is currently equipped with engines such as the 4.3liter 195 horsepower V6 engine, 6.2liter gasoline Vortec V8 engine, and the 6.6 365 horsepower turbo-diesel V8 engine where buyers can choose from. The Silverado 1500 with the 6.2liter gasoline Vortec V8 engine is also capable of towing up to 10,700 pounds of load. These vehicles also take pride of its interior amenities.

2. Dodge

Dodge motors has eliminated its “handshake” deals. It also allowed its customers to return their new Dodge vehicles. They are only allowed to return these after 60 days in case they were not satisfied with the features and performance of these. Besides this, Dodge’s financing offers only rely on rebates and financing with lower rates.

3. Other financing deals

  • Ford is also pushing its “year-end celebration “and offers 0% financing for the period of 5 years on 5 of its models. In addition to this, Ford provides a rebate of $1,500 for the first three payments.
  • General Motors also offer more 0% deals compared to other automaker for this month. This includes  the Chevy Aveo and Silverado pickup.
  • Suzuki offers 0% financing for 90 days on all its vehicles that were produced in 2010.

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