Steps to obtain pre-approved auto loans with lower rates

Pre-approved auto loans allow you to determine the amount of loan that you are qualified for before you co searching for a car to buy. In addition to this, a pre approved loan could help you negotiate with lenders on the rates they place on the loans they provide. Given these advantages, you need to secure a pre-approved loan in case you are planning to purchase a car using a loan. This article helps you obtain a pre-approved loan using the following steps:

Step 1:  Research on the rates offered by different lenders

Secure different loan quotes for different lenders. This allows you to determine the loan rates that they offer for a car loan. Start searching from banks. Banks usually offer competitive loan rates and flexible loan payments. Continue securing loan quotes from credit unions. Take note of the rates they offer and make a short list of these.

You can also request for loan quotes from online lenders. Search for their websites using the popular search engines. You can also use reputable sites such as to obtain different loan quotes from lenders connected to the site. Try to conduct a localized search by providing with the zip code of your present location. Include all of the loan rates you gathered from these lenders on the short list.

Step 2: Compare the loan rates offered

Compare all of the rates you obtained from offline and online sources. Choose the best offer by looking upon the interest rates and the loan terms. Select the best offer with the lowest interest rate. You can also use the online calculator provided by sites maintained by auto loan providers in order to determine the offer with the best rate. All you need to do is key-in the interest rate, the down payment, and the loan term offered by each lender and allow the car loan calculator to do the calculation.

Step 3: Choose the best loan offer

Based on the results from online calculators, choose the best rate from the existing offers. Try to determine the requirements involved. Make sure to submit the documents needed and wait for the loan’s pre-approval result.

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