Military Auto Financing

Military auto financing is more desirable than traditional car loans, so if you are a member of the armed forces you need to make this be known when you attempt to get car financing.
• Easier to be approved for a loan
• Lower interest rates
• Many loan providers have more flexible repayment programs
• Easier to obtain a higher loan amount
• Fixed residence is not required
• Steady job not required
• Veterans and active military are eligible: no minimum time in the service required
Military auto financing makes the lives of our armed forces easier when it comes to a car loan, however, with any advantage comes a responsibility. Taking the loan assistance for granted and becoming lax on your payments can be cause for serious concern. Although lenders might be more flexible because you are in the military, some lenders do not share this point of view. If a lender becomes concerned with your repayment frequency, the advantages you had can quickly be taken away. So while you do receive benefits when it comes to military auto financing you must treat it as any other obligation and responsibility you have.

When preparing to apply for military auto financing be aware that there are requirements you must provide to the lender.
• Proof of active service
• Provide where you are stationed
• Contact information if sent overseas
• Lending institution will check your credit score
• Social security number

Military auto financing is a privilege that provides service men and women with an opportunity to obtain a car loan when in other circumstances they might not be afforded such benefits. You should take advantage of this chance to get the best car loan at the best terms you can. Get everything down in writing so you know how your military status differentiates you for typical car loan applicants so you can get a loan and then benefit from the advantages afforded to you. However, if you do not honor the terms of the special military auto financing you will likely be subject to treatment any other customer would receive.

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