Car Dealer Financing

If you’re looking to buy a car, please visit our home page to find the right place for you.  If you are a car dealer, please read on.  By no means are we experts in how dealers secure financing for their customers, but enough dealers have contacted us regarding this topic, we decided to provide some information regarding it.

Dealer Floor Plan Financing

Cash flow is often an issue for car dealers.  It’s expensive to keep cars on your lot, and without a good selection, buyers will go down the road.  That’s where Dealer Floor Plan Financing comes in.   This is a revolving line of credit in which loans are made based on a car, RV or manufactured home that you have on your lot.  Basically, it allows you to borrow money against your retail inventory.  As you sell the cars, you repay your loan, and borrow again up to the limit on your line of credit.  For more information, check out the Small Business Administration Dealer Floor Plan Financing Program.

Special Financing

If you need to find loans for your customers to buy a car from you, you are most likely looking for “Special Financing”, or Sub Prime, lenders.  Here is a list of companies you can contact for more information.

  • Capital One Auto Finance
  • Carfinco Income Fund
  • Chase Auto Finance
  • DealerTrack
  • Exeter Finance Corp.
  • GM Financial
  • AmeriCredit
  • National Auto Lenders
  • Regional Acceptance Corp.
  • Santander Consumer USA, Lana Johnson
  • Scotia Dealer Advantage
If you have information that would be useful for this page, please contact us.

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