Pre-Approved Auto Loan

Pre-Approved Auto Loan

When you apply for an auto loan through a bank or financing company before you buy the vehicle, it’s called taking out a blank check car loan. The loan entails a pre-approved auto loan so once you have a blank check loan, you can shop for your car with confidence.

Getting in the Driver’s Seat

A blank check auto loan is an amazing way to buy the car you want. It gives you the power to choose the car you want according to you ‘budget’ as you have to get pre-approved for the loan first. During your car shopping experience, getting pre-approved is the best feeling you can have before you actually get behind the wheel in the comfortable driver’s seat. Once you get pre-approved for a car loan, you will be in a position to view a range of cars to make a comfortable decision about the car you buy. This puts you in the driving seat of your car hunt as you already know how much money you ‘have’ to buy the car.

Benefits of Blank Check Auto Loan

  • Low down payments
  • Enjoy lower interest rates while maintaining rebates and dealer discounts
  • No expense or pressure of dealer finance
  • Be aware of the loan amount before browsing cars

What you Need to Qualify for a Blank Check Loan

Like all things good, blank check loans have some requirements. To enjoy the benefits of blank check auto loans, you need to fulfill certain conditions, the two most important of them being:

  1. A good credit score of approximately 700*
  2. Access to a good auto financing website like

*A co-signer would be helpful with lower scores.

Save your Time & Money

There’s really no reason why you should waste time running from the finance and marketing departments of one dealer to another. provides you a very fast and convenient way of getting behind the wheel of your new car. A blank check auto loan is the closest thing to shopping for a car with the money in your pocket to buy the one that you like.
We recommend that you apply for a blank check loan before you actually choose a particular car. By knowing what you ‘car fund’ is, you will avoid having your heart set on a car that you cannot afford.

We are very proud and happy of the way our customers get the confidence to buy a car for themselves through the blank check auto loan we help them secure.
With our help, the process is pretty simple:

  1. Check your credit score (using our  Credit Check Tool)
  2. Shop for rates
  3. Apply for the loan

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