How to look for a car that is in repo

Car repossession is a legal act that can be resorted to by lenders in case you failed to make at least three consecutive payments and after the repossession notice was sent to you. Repossession is accomplished when the lender contracts a towing and recovery services company to proceed to your home or work and tow the car that you are financing back to the lender or dealership’s lot.

Repossession can be shameful and at the same time inconvenient. However, you can still recover your car in case it was repossessed by doing the following:

1. It is advisable to call the lender after reading the latest notice or mail from them. Search for the phone number of the lending company’s legal or collection department in order for you to contact them. Call the legal or collections department’s phone number and request them to allow you to speak with the supervisor. Upon speaking with the supervisor, ask for the name and phone number of the towing services they hired for towing the repossessed car as well as the amount needed by the lender to release the repossession order.

2. As soon as you obtained the name and phone number of the towing and recovery services company who towed the repossessed car, try to contact them.  Upon speaking with the towing services representative, ask about the name, phone number, and address of the repossession lot or recovery yard where the car is impounded. Don’t forget to ask for the fees that must be paid to recover the vehicle. These charges usually include the storage and recovery fee. Make sure to prepare the needed amount to pay for the charges and bring this along when you visit the recovery lot.

3. Proceed to the impound lot and pay for the applicable fees to recover the repossessed car. Get the receipts of payment that you have made as well as the list of the personal items left on the vehicle when it was repossessed. Check if all of these are still on the car. In case some items are not there, talk to the recovery lot’s representative about it and try to come up with an arrangement for the recovery of those items.

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