Useful steps in comparing fixed rate loans for cars

You might get the best rate from different fixed rate loans by comparing the deals offered by lenders. Doing the comparison however is most of the time complicated and not very easy. In order to do this correctly, you need to use the appropriate calculation and obtain the needed information such as the interest rates, the loan terms, and the down payments involved in each offer. However, you can make the comparison easier by using a loan aggregator. You can use popular loan aggregators such as or to help you out.  In case you don’t know how to do the comparison, this article would help you accomplish this using the steps below.

Step 1: Log on to the loan aggregator’s website

The first step that you should do in comparing the available fixed rate loan offers is to log on into their website. Upon logging in, make sure to fill out the important information about yourself. You also need to provide the site with the information about your chosen vehicle. Make sure that you know your latest FICO score and you have the copy of your credit history because lending institutions needs these in choosing the loan that is applicable to your credit status.

Step 2:  Compare the best rates offered

To simplify the comparison, choose the top three loan deals offered.  Select the top 3 deals based on their interest rates, the loan terms and lending institution. Place these in the comparison chart and you would be able to obtain the results in a shorter length of time.

Step 3: Select the best offer

After doing the aggregation of the top loan offers, you would see that it is more manageable to compare each loan’s interest rate, the fees placed on the loan by each institution and the loan of each offer. Take note each of the factors involved and try to determine which of the loan offers suits your needs. In case you need a lower monthly payment, you would most likely choose the loan with a longer term. However, this could mean that you would be paying higher loan interest.

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